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About Us

Reshaping personal branding

WiredIn is a boutique marketing consultancy company that specializes in enhancing your personal/professional LinkedIn profile page making you an Influencer/top contributor in your industry.

WiredIn is committed to maximize your Linkedin profile page efficiency and turn your profile and company page to be successful by proven Linkedin services for you to achieve goals.

For our Clients, and our people, we break through existing stereotypes to drive growth and strategic development through Linkedin.

Our Services

  • Self Branding & Marketing

    Manage Self-branding/marketing plans to ensure organic growth

  • Content Management

    Implement, organize, format content by giving it flavor and personal touch for personal and corporate image

  • Organic Connection Growth

    Ensure 20% of quality connection growth and brand visibility

  • Distribution Platforms & O2O

    Distributing promotional content with integration of Online to Offline activities

  • Corporate Page Managament

    Researching Entity’s corporate page and developing competitive action plan to maximize its business growth and drive traffic

The Process





Customized Strategy
Be it your profile or corporate identity, our team of digital experts and industry consultant develop customized strategies to ensure ROI-driven growth and to meet your required objectives. The entire action plan is developed and submitted for your approval prior to commitment.
SEO Optimized Linkedin Profile
Personally-branded, keyword enriched, search-engine-optimized (SEO) LinkedIn profile, to ensure better ranking in Linkedin search inquiries
SEO/SEM Driven Content Creation
All content that is published is going to be found in Google and other searches. The more targeted content that is created, the more effective the SEO/SEM is for your self-branding and organic search results. In other words, you can improve your LinkedIn and Google search rankings organically. Two articles are written and uploaded on your profile weekly.
Channel Distribution
Having great content that differentiates you from the others is excellent, but having great content that is strategically distributed across professional targeted groups and social media to increase profile`s visibility results in better self-branding and marketing overall. Sharing on your Twitter, Facebook, and others if applicable to ensure visibility.
Targeted Connection Growth
With a customized strategy like this, your personal connections increase on a twice weekly basis with relevant targeted people up at least 20% (more than 50 new connections weekly are guaranteed).
Polished Resume
Professionally written, tailor made resume crafted by your industry professional to help you to communicate your expertise just like your LinkedIn profile does.
B2B/B2C Content Management
B2B and B2C content management entails working specifically with sourced content based on a brief to engage and share relevant news and blog posts as well as starting and joining in discussions on LinkedIn and in LinkedIn groups twice a month to make you a top contributor on LinkedIn.
B2B/B2C Content Creation
B2B and B2C content creation requires writing two blogs per month in your name based on briefs that are approved by you, and then posting them on your LinkedIn. These blogs also get reposted to your LinkedIn company page and shared with LinkedIn groups to make you a top contributor and thought leader on LinkedIn.
Portfolio and Personal Website
A standard LinkedIn page helps you to connect with others, spread information about your activities, and increase your network. Additionally, a personal website that is customized allows for integrated social media and mobile-friendly content. This enrichment provides a great opportunity to make a mind blowing impression. Note that this service does not include purchasing and hosting a domain.
Community Involvement
Community involvement is a great opportunity to get your brand recognized across our network when PluggedIn Inc. organizes events, engages industry experts and potential partners, and most importantly, welcomes clients as VIP to the majority of events (varies on client packages).
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